Exploring the viability of a coaxial, closed-loop, geothermal system utilizing the thermal soaking method.


Bohlander, K. Swanson, S. Bohlander: “Exploring the Viability of a Coaxial, Closed-Loop, Geothermal System Utilizing the Thermal Soaking Method,” GRC Transactions, volume 45, paper 230, presented at the Geothermal Rising Conference, San Diego, CA, 2021

This work explores many of the challenges encountered in the design of the thermal heat transfer rates and the wellbore construction process for closed-loop wellbores of geothermal power generating systems. It briefly covers many of the challenges of using traditional wellbore construction practices from the oil & gas sector as well as traditional geothermal drilling practices along with the solutions to mitigate those challenges such as: thermally enhanced cement blends, variable flowrates, directional tools, and a new core concept to Icarus Technologies, Inc. known as the Thermal Soak Method.

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